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Viva Naturals Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser – Vibrant Changeable LED Lights, Soothing Mist & Oxygen, Automatic Shut Off

January 17, 2017 - Comment

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Incorporate the benefits of aromatherapy into your everyday lifestyle with our ultrasonic diffuser. Perfect for DIY calming, energizing, relaxing, or whatever you're in the mood for type of blend!

Natural Air Freshener – Our ultrasonic technology breaks up essential oil into micro particles, creating a fine water vapor that spreads throughout any room. A delightful scent within minutes of turning on!

Improves Oil Quality & Efficacy – By projecting a cold, even mist, essential oils are not heated to preserve their therapeutic benefits. Especially important for temperature-sensitive oils like our cold-pressed lemon or bergamot oil. Our ultrasonic diffuser ensures oil quality is optimal and aromatic.

The Viva Naturals Difference
By using high frequencies, tiny oil droplets project comforting or energizing aromas wherever you need them most. Unlike aromatherapy lamps or heat diffusers, our diffuser delivers subtle, consistent aromas without overpowering a room.

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Customer Reviews

Wonderful Diffuser……Awesome Features Make It Run For A Long Time!

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 on January 16, 2017
By David F.
This is the first diffuser we’ve ever owned since we just began to purchase essential oils. This is really fantastic, especially now in our 50’s we wish we would have used diffusers and essential oils a long time ago. One of the best features this diffuser offers is the intermittent mode. At first I thought since this only holds 100 ml of liquid it wouldn’t last long and this would be too small. However in the intermittent mode the motor is on for about 30 seconds, then off for about 30 seconds and continues with that cycle. We really like this intermittent mode at night during our sleep time as it continues for almost 9 hours! In the steady on mode it will diffuse for about 4 hours. So what I thought would be too small of a liquid capacity is actually perfect. As the liquid level goes down, when it hits a certain point (getting towards empty) it shuts off automatically to ensure the motor doesn’t operate with no liquid in it. The seven colors of lights it passes through as it’s on are very relaxing whether being used during the daytime or night. This can be used while diffusing or not as there are two different power switches, one for the diffusing motor and the other for the LED lights. Another great quality of this is how quiet it runs. As I read many reviews about many different diffusers I noticed some people commented about the noise level these little devises make. We find this to be so quiet it can hardly be heard. All around this is really wonderful and we are glad we made the purchase and feel it is a very good value. The cord it comes with is 6 feet long and we also like that.

Comparison of 3 Viva diffusers

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 on June 11, 2017
By Rebekah
I have three different Viva essential oil diffusers, as you can see from the pictures I’ve added. Each one has slightly different attributes, so I will address these in this comparative review.


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 on October 25, 2016
By Jen Collins
This is being used in my teenage boy’s room. He loves the spearmint and orange essential oil combination, and I love that his room does not smell like a stinky boy. A nice feature is a intermittent mist so it will last longer.

Great Product!

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 on October 28, 2016
By T. Cavanagh
I have an older pug that has a lot of breathing issues. A friend of mine had told me to try using this for a cold for myself. It seemed to help for that but I have found that it has been absolutely wonderful for my dog. She usually wakes up a few times in the night with very heavy breathing episodes and I have to stay up and get her calm so that she can breathe normally again. Since I have started using this with a combo of peppermint, eucalyptus and lemon oils she has been sleeping through the night and breathing normally. It has only been about a week so far but I am very pleases. The unit itself shuts off on its own when the water gets too low and it generally lasts right through the night and shuts off when I am getting ready for work in the morning. The light is nice and not too bright. It can also be turned off. It is very easy to clean as well, just empty it and a quick wipe with a clean washcloth.

I love the changing colors!

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 on October 17, 2016
By Stacey A.
This is my 4th diffuser. This is the lowest price of all of them but I haven’t been disappointed. For more visible areas I focused more on “spa like” diffusers but this seems to be the same quality as ones twice the price. I enjoy the changing colors and it doesn’t take up too much room on my bathroom vanity.

Great product at a nice price.

 on September 15, 2017
By Happy In Texas
I have purchased this unit 3 times and love it. I bought one as a gift and the others I keep in my room and my sons bedroom.

Great little diffuser

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 on June 14, 2017
By Lynette Ponce
Great little diffuser, only negative I can see so far is that the cover does not remove easily at all. There’s a suction lip where the diffuser cover can be placed and that area is very difficult to remove. I have to slowly but firmly wiggle cover upward to remove. Each time I end up spilling the bit of water that was left inside.

Great Aromatherapy Diffuser at a Great Price!

 on June 2, 2017
By Lucy F.
This diffuser is just what I wanted! It’s very quiet and you can set it to have the colors change or just have one color stay on or just have it without the light. The price is very good and I would even order another one to use in a different room. It’s very easy to fill and the cord is long enough so you can use it in different places without worrying about whether or not you’ll be able to plug it in.

This is a nice diffuser. The mist is a good strength and …

 on December 14, 2016
By Chairsty E. Stewart
This is a nice diffuser. The mist is a good strength and it works well in my bedroom. My room is about 225 sq. ft. and when I’m diffusing oils, the scent fills the space without being overwhelming. It does shut off automatically, but I cannot attest to how long it stays on as I turn it on at night before going to bed. I am going to guess it’s about 4 hours. The lights are pretty bright for my liking so I don’t use it as a night light of any sort.

Great Product and priced right & good settings to chose from.

 on May 5, 2017
By Janice L. Heape
I brought three of these and have used them for over a month. They are working very well and delivering my essential oils changing our mood and helping much better sleep. I am a caregiver and this helps calm my person & helps her sleep, so she don’t wake me five times a night. When using the essential oils this delivers them for hours. My friend suggested this because it has two settings, on and off, every thirty seconds or constant and the light has many colors with on and off and changing colors or leaving it on your favorite solid color.


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